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There are a large number of bee and wasp species. Nearly every species of bee or wasp is prone to attack and nearly all of them have stingers. These stingers deliver a painful pinch and are loaded with venom. Wasps typically build nests under soffit, eaves, inside of fixtures, playhouses, and equipment around your property. In extreme cases, wasps colonies can invade your attic and work their way into your home. Our Cummington, MA 01026 Techs can help you from the most minor wasp issue to the most extreme. We understand the necessity of feeling safe in and around your home in Cummington.

Common stinging insects in Cummington, MA 01026, include: (844) 529-5817

  • Paper Wasps
  • Honey Bees
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Carpenter Bees

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In most cases, it’s best to avoid disturbing bees and wasps entirely. However, when their nests are in high-traffic areas, bees and wasps are more likely to perceive a threat and defend their nest at all costs. Our techs here in Cummington, MA  are highly trained and certified in bee and wasp removal. Our experts are equipped with the right tools and methods to take down bee hives and wasp nests. Sometimes the hives can get quite large and attempting to remove it yourself can be dangerous. We will stop the bees and wasps, remove the nests and hives, and then provide you with a solution for bee and wasp prevention here in 01026.

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